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This is my journal for the rerun of Season One of Airlocked. I know they're all dead, and I know this isn't a good idea, but I need to see Chloe again. I need to know what happened to her.

I'm using this to record my thoughts on her, and on everyone else, too. God this is so fucked up...

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Sep. 27th, 2017 12:51 pm
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[ The Champion of Arcadia Bay is decently Around and sociable! She takes a lot of pictures of people and things (and herself, selfies are still her aesthetic priority), but in general she tries to be approachable and... as happy as she can be, but there's a little less energy to her than there was before her last memory regain. ]
helladoptera: american girls I'd like to (it's sad to imagine a world without you)





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☄ First Impressions

♚ VISUAL: See above!
♚ FASHION: Also see above! Lots of jeans and t-shirts, basically.
♚ DEMEANOUR: Max is pretty... quiet and nondescript. She keeps to herself! A little drawn in on herself, but not like. Glancing furtively around or anything. Normal, but a little shy, and quiet. Especially at first.
♚ SOUND: Some quotes! She's a good kid. Even if she uses a lot of garbage slang, especially at moments of high excitement.
♚ SCENT: Nah, nothing special. She's pretty normal and clean, smell-wise? No perfumes or strong soaps.


♚ BACKTAGGING: I do what I can, but beyond a week you're gonna have to drop me a line if you want things continued after they've stalled.
♚ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: She's down with hugs, usually! Especially after the murders start, and as she gets memory regains back. Please hug her, Dontnod and I have/are gonna put her through a lot. But she definitely won't react super well to unwanted affection? Especially after a point.
♚ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: I mean we're in a murdergame, I'd be being unfair if I said I wasn't 100% here for violence, but please ask first if itt's more than a punch! And she won't um. Take it well, probably.
♚ RELATIONSHIPS: It's Complicated.

☄ Permissions

Content opt-out post here!

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so if you don't want either A. suicide or B. kidnapping/drugs/abuse/sexual assault mentioned, lemme know here!

Or if you don't want drugs mentioned at all, since her Most Important Person is a stoner and she interacts with a drug dealer a few times?

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Aug. 12th, 2017 12:51 am
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Max's thoughts on everyone as the weeks go! Extra notes in the comments are part of her journal, technically, so these are IC notes! Updates Sundays.

Akande Ogundimu [personal profile] goldrighthand
"Champion Warlord"

I haven't really talked to Akande, but he definitely makes his presence known around here. And not just because he's built like a truck with a robot arm. I one hundred percent believe his title. Apparently he's too busy to have a pet. That's kind of sad. A lot of his outlook on things is kind of sad, I think. It makes a lot of the others angry, and I mean... yeah, sure, duh, but I guess I'm just sad that anyone thinks like he does at all.

Albel Nox [personal profile] impius
"Champion Swordsman"

First victim. Didn't talk to him, but he definitely didn't seem like a super nice guy. Doesn't really matter now, I guess, even if the time powers I may or may not have worked I couldn't go back far enough to save him.

Alec Lightwood [personal profile] canted
"Champion Bullseye"

He seems kind of out of touch, but well-meaning. He has magic in his world, which is cool I guess, but I guess wizards don't get out much.

He's dead. He killed Kiss-Shot to try to get out, after she killed Erika. All to see his... boyfriend, again? I wonder if I'd be able to do something like that for Chloe.

Alexander Hamilton [personal profile] intemperateindeed
"Champion Wordsmith"

He... can't be the actual one, right? He has to be from some weird alternate rap universe? Fun to try to keep up with, even if there's no way I'll ever be able to. I can barely handle rhyming, and that's not to mention... timing.

He's dead now. Wonder who they'll put on the ten dollar bill in his timeline instead.

Apollonia Vaar [personal profile] ebonyknight
"Champion Luminary Knight"

Very... knightly, let's call it that. Definitely a Paladin, like one of the ones who takes Alliance super seriously.

Way too seriously, maybe. She's kind of a huge jerk at trials, I'm not really a fan. But... I guess she's not gonna be showing up at any more trials, huh?

Cheryl Hawthorn [personal profile] heartswapped
"Champion Eggselence"

The mom type, I guess? She seems nice, but has a different view of milk from me. Then again, this whole place has a different view from me on a lot of things. Thought someone might be coming to save me, which... I wish I could believe. But she's nice.

I'm gonna miss her. Wish I'd gotten to know her better.

Connecticut [profile] tusenlancer
"Champion Whistleblower"

[I've seen the halo multiplayer character editor how did you end up with brown there are so many colors in there???]

Diego Brando [personal profile] jerkassic
"Champion Backstabber"

Our first killer. Reminded me a lot of Nathan Prescott before he died. I wonder if he could have actually gotten better, in a real prison. Maybe, maybe not.

Erika Furudo [personal profile] withoutred
"Champion Detective"

Kind of weird? But very clearly... investigation-minded. But that makes sense now, considering she's an actual detective. And she sure did get thrown at the trial, so that was... something.

And now she's dead. Kiss-Shot... vampired her, I guess. She didn't deserve the burning part.

"Champion Balladeer"

Kind of a quiet, backwoodsy type. I like him.

Or. I did. We talked about DnD. I miss playing Dnd with Chloe, things were... way easier, back then.

Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade [personal profile] acerolaorion
"Champion Pretentious Long Name"

She can't actually be a vampire, can she? I mean... I'd say "he can't actually be a robot space pirate" if our reigning asshole champion of the universe was in here with us too, probably. She's endearing, though. Lets me call her Kiss-Shot, which sounds like an honor to me. Power of photography represent!

She's gone now. Guess she was actually a vampire, and she went after Erika, and then Alec killed her. Kind of a mess, um. I'll stick to the picture of her from before the murder, thanks.

Leon Kuwata [personal profile] toomanybaseballs
"Champion Target"

He's an alright guy. Likes rock music, easily riled up. Reminds me of some of the guys back home at Blackwell. Holding onto Chloe's bracelet, which I got from the machine and I'm still not sure what to think of. Why would that be here if Chloe isn't?

Mako [personal profile] chides
"Champion Investigator"

Definitely a cop, but a good cop, the bad cop must be somewhere else. Very serious, which makes sense because, again, cop, but he's nice. Comforted me at the... funeral, I guess? As close as we can get to a funeral here. And we talked a few more times after that, but now... well, it doesn't really matter now, does it? He's gone, and I can't do anything about it.

"Champion Farmer"

She kinda reminds me of Kate, if Kate actually did fight bears and eat meat. Okay, so maybe she's not that much like Kate in some ways, but she's nice!

Noctis Lucis Caelum [personal profile] nightcure
"Champion Narcoleptic"

Some kind of... look, I'm gonna level with you here, journal, Noctis seems like he comes from some super-complex fantasy world but there's cars and digital cameras and I'm not sure how to really account for that, but I do know one thing for sure: he's one of the good guys. Probably my first real friend in this place, when I think about it. We spent some time going through pictures on his friend's camera, they're all really interesting but... there's a big gap between them and him right now. Maybe we are all missing memories... but if we are, then according to my profile my life is about to get SUPER... weird.

Update: yes, my life did get super weird. Noctis is still cool, though. We might try to get the powers that be to grant us some dye.

Apparently that Ardyn guy really is a huge asshole. If I ever meet him, I'll give him a Chloe-style piece of my mind. Or... not, since he kills people, but I wish I could. Anyway, Noctis is a really great guy. Can't wait to introduce him to Chloe.

Pyrrha Nikos [personal profile] tokencanadian
"Champion Huntress"

One of my roommates. She hunts monsters? Anyway, she's super nice, and I have to say that was the only bonding experience I've ever had with someone where we bonded over reading alien porn. So that's pretty neat.

She's really great. I'm glad to have her as a roommate. Apparently her world's moon kind of... exploded? It's a little concerning, exploded moon and a world full of monsters. I'd swear she's from an anime if she wasn't standing in front of me.

Rick Sanchez [personal profile] rickdiculous
"Champion Alcoholic"

Kind of a... Doc Brown by way of Jack Daniels type, I guess. He's fun, though! We talked about action movies.

Explained time travel. It... it doesn't make sense, if the storm was there because I went back to save her, then... what the hell? I need to talk to him a little more about time travel at some point.

Rideaux Zek Rugievit [personal profile] pr159
"Champion Medical Innovation"

Not a nice kind of doctor for sure, but he's good to have around a body. Judged me for taking a sad selfie which honestly did not do him any favors on whether he goes on Max's nice list.

That said, he didn't deserve anything that happened to him. But I think I'd say that about anyone.

Sakunosuke Oda [personal profile] tenimuho
"Champion Cabin Boy"

A really nice guy. He's good to talk to, I hope he makes it through this. Said he'd give me any cameras he gets, and he ended up getting mine! Really nice for, you know, a mafioso.

He killed five people. I don't know what to think about it, but... he definitely did kill five people, because Blaze offered to bring back his kids. Should I hate him? I don't think I hate him. If anything, I feel awful for everything surrounding him more than I feel like he's a bad person.

Shirou Emiya [personal profile] peopledieifkilled
"Champion of Swords"

Uh... well, he's dead. He died trying to punch Blaze in the face. That's... I think, all things considered, Blaze could have let him throw a punch without really worrying about it, but here we are. Fuck. He was nice.

Soma Cruz [personal profile] power_of_dominance
"Champion of Souls"

Only talked to him a little, but he seems nice enough.

Touko Fukawa [personal profile] induality
"Champion Stalker"

I'm not... entirely sure how I feel about rooming with the Champion Stalker, but it sounds like I'm not the one she's stalking, so... silver linings? She seems fine enough otherwise, if a little panicky. Has experience with these kinds of games, which is interesting. Can't imagine being in more than one. Also has a really intense split personality, but while she's in the default setting she's nice.

I really like her. I mean I still haven't really talked to the other her, but I think we're friends.

Varric Tethras [personal profile] neverheardofhim
"Champion of the Silver Tongue"

A dwarf? Like an honest-to-God Lord-of-the-Rings-but-no-beard dwarf. And an author, I think. He's nice. We talked about that girl from the bathroom and cameras, which were two very different conversations, tone-wise. I guess magic exists where he comes from too.

Will Graham [personal profile] empathiser
"Champion of Empathy"

A really nice guy, we've talked a few times now. I like talking to him, even if I think he disapproves of my eating habits a little bit. Was really nice about the crime photography thing. He's really just a good guy all around, I think.

Aiden Price [personal profile] thecounselor


Fourtinbras [personal profile] theunderseen

He was killed by Blaze when he took over the ship. He was really nice, he explained to me how to make weird alien eggs. I'm sad I didn't get to know him better.

Scraggly [personal profile] theunderseen

Killed by Blaze when he took over the ship. I didn't talk to him, really, but now I wish I did. Funny how that works.

Blaze Dudely [personal profile] theoversight

Fuck this guy. Who the hell does he think he is?


Aug. 12th, 2017 12:48 am
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